Monday, September 15, 2008

The Honeymoon is Over...

We moved into the house after a fast but fun three day honeymoon in Cape May, New Jersey. It is still one of our favorite vacation spots and has been since we day-tripped there as teenagers. It also offered so much inspiration for these two "old house virgins". We took pictures of potential color schemes, landscaping, etc. it was going to be a while though before we could give any real attention to decorating.

Our two Moms took charge of house cleaning while we were honeymooning. This was no small task as the house sat empty for six months before we moved in. So we came "home" to a clean house, a bed to sleep in, and a cooler full of drinks-oh and two lawn chairs to sit in. Our friends were happy to help move us in as long as we provided the beer and food on the weekend. In the meantime, hubby borrowed a chainsaw from his Dad, and we cleared the forest otherwise known as our front yard.
Thus I was introduced to "Gardening 101" in a big way-(did I mention I used to be a "High-Maintenance Girl?"). Our front lawn resembled a logging camp when we were finished. I'm sorry now that I didn't take a picture of that one. Three days later when our "movers" arrived, you could actually see the front of the house.

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